Award Winning Story Driven Wedding Films

Established in 2008.  Based in Atlanta, available worldwide.

Our Style

Our style of videography, which we call cinema, is a mixture of romantic documentary and cinematic story telling.  We are able to enter a wedding day knowing exactly what we need to do to make every film look polished and professional.  Our goal is to be low key and nonintrusive, while still capturing the beautiful “real” moments and story of the day.  We’d love to sit down with you to hear about your videography needs, what you are most comfortable with, and what you are looking for most in your wedding cinema experience.  Learn more about us.

Handcrafted Story

What we love most is working with couples who love real, authentic emotions, who love romance and who want their wedding film to be a reflection of their journey as a couple.  We do this through letter readings, customized vows during the ceremony (or during a seperate part of the day is ok too!), sound bites from toasts or even what the officiant may say about the couple's story.  We gather everything we can throughout the day to not only help our clients relive their wedding day, but remind them of how and why they fell in love with each other and to help strengthen their marriage down the road.

Quality is most important to us, and it shows

We often hear from potential clients that our films look better than other companies, and they are right!  We take great pride in the gear that we use to produce high quality, and visually stunning films.  We shoot only on full frame cameras and shoot mostly with Canon L series prime lenses.  We want your wedding day to look the best of the best, and we have the gear to do it.  



We are Atlanta based wedding videographers serving the southeast as well as destination weddings.  We are passionate about capturing the beauty, excitement and joy of your wedding day.  You are unique, and your wedding will inspire us!  Our goal is to give you a product that not only will you be proud to share with your friends and family, but is something to hold on to that reflects you and your love for one another!

We are a husband and wife team, we are in love, and love working together!  We love what we do because we are not just capturing a special day, but we are able to turn your special day into a cherished keepsake.  Secondly, we love serving people.  We do more than take video, we are focused on our clients and their experience with us.  We want your experience to be easy, enjoyable and stress free.  Thirdly, we love the celebration a wedding brings!  This means we understand and appreciate the importance of this day, as your family and friends come together, and that is what your day is all about. 

Featured and Awarded

Jonathan and Kaye is an award winning Atlanta wedding videographer, dedicated to creating beautiful and professional wedding films.  We provide high quality films and service to our all of our clients as we are one of the top wedding film makers in Atlanta, as well as the south east region.

From luxury weddings to back yard weddings, we can create the most beautiful cinematic film of your day.  Our goal is to build your story, custom to you and your day, so that your wedding film is truly personalized just for you.  We do this through a variety of soundbites throughout the day, recorded with our professional grade audio equipment, as well as visual story telling.  All the components of the day will bring your wedding day back to life every time you watch it. You will cherish your wedding film for a lifetime as it will truly be a family favorite that can be passed down for generations.