Wedding Preparations

We alway explain to our couples that important elements of the day does not start at the ceremony.  Yes, the ceremony is why we are all there and it is the focus on what is happening on the wedding day.  But in our wedding films, 30% of our films includes the preparations.  Why? 

We are looking for content.  Our films are story driven and we have found preparations gives us just that.  One big reason is we are able to capture the bride and groom writing their letters to each other, and then if they are comfortable with it,  we will have them read their letter to the camera.  This gives so much personalization to their wedding film that we don’t want to miss this.  This alone, for us, is gold.

It’s a time of anticipation.  We see the bride getting her makeup done while she is surrounded by her closest friends and family,  the details including the dress, shoes, rings, flowers, stationary, etc., the moment when mom is helping the bride into her dress, the hugs, the tears, the happiness.

We will tell you how our hours of coverage can be best utilized for your wedding video, but just telling you now, we would rather be at the preparations 100 times over spending 3 hours at the reception getting repetitive, non-story related dancing footage.


So what are we looking for when we walk into the bride’s suite?

We are looking for beautiful, natural light.  Ideally, the makeup artist sets you up in front of a window, as this is usually helpful for them to see your skin well.  If the makeup artist is set up in a bathroom with tungsten overhead lights, we may ask if we can help you move to a spot with better natural light.  Natural light coming in through a window, is a large soft light.  The larger the light source, the softer it is.  This type of light flatters everyone, and the photos and video footage will look amazing in this light.  In contrast, small lights coming from a tungsten light source, usually directional (coming from upward), makes everyone look terrible.  There will be shadows under your eyes, and any flaws in your skin will show up.  You are doing yourself a favor if you have your makeup artist set up near a window.  You will love how you look in the photos and video footage.

We are also looking for a beautiful space for you to put on your dress.  Last weekend, I showed up the bride preparations with plenty of time to spare.  The first thing I did was go into the bedroom, where there was a beautiful bed and window light, and cleaned the entire room.  It was covered with luggage, and belongings of the bridesmaids and bride.  I carefully scooted everything to a hallway, which left the bedroom a beautiful canvas for the bride to read her letter as well as get dressed.

Great looking footage doesn’t come effortlessly, but we try hard to also not be too intrusive.  We are looking for natural connection and interaction between friends and family.  Our goal is to let everything happen naturally that just happens to be in a beautiful setting, in which we may have set the stage.

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