We are Jon and Kaye!  We believe in real moments and focusing on your authentic love story. You are beautiful and unique, and your wedding will inspire us!

Kaye began shooting weddings in 2008, and quickly fell in love with the beauty and special moments of the day.  She began to see it as being an honor to be part of someone’s day, as there are many intimate moments between her couples and their families that she was able to capture.

Fast forward to 2011, Kaye and Jon got married!   When Jon saw the work Kaye was creating, and the potential he could bring to the business with his skillsets that complimented hers, he decided to join her full time in 2012.  He has sense moved most of his efforts to corporate/commercial work as well as his non-profit company.

Working together as a married couple is both amazing and a challenge, but we both strive for personal and creative growth, and can’t imagine doing this any other way!

portrait studio shot of jon and kaye, smiling
bride and groom at sunset


"Jonathan and Kaye exceeded my wife’s and my expectations!

We have gotten so many compliments from wedding guests who have seen our films, that Jonathan and Kaye captured the day perfectly. What phenomenal job Jonathan and Kaye did and that is what every wedding couple should hope for when looking for videographers! All in all we can not speak highly enough of both of them and we will make sure to recommend them and their services to anyone who is looking!

Thank you to the both of you for being such vital part on our experience!”   


Mattais & Brittney

black and white atlanta wedding videographer

As a filmmaker, I have an eye to find BEAUTY in the details.

Not only is it my goal to anticipate and capture wedding day moments that you will cherish, it is my goal that I bring beautiful cinematic elements into your wedding film.  We strive hard to have the best gear available to capture what we need, from camera choices, drones, lenses, audio equipment, lighting, gimbals, etc  (you already got bored didn’t you…)

But what made us fall in love with wedding films wasn’t being able to use fancy gear, it’s being able to make everyone look STUNNING, make meaningful moments CAPTIVATING and beautiful details EPIC.  

We want to show you the beauty through our eyes, because your wedding isn’t ordinary, it’s extraordinary, and your wedding film should showcase that!  Check out our films here!

We are able to enter a wedding day knowing exactly what we need to do to make every film look polished and professional.

Our goal is to be low key and non-intrusive, while still capturing the beautiful “real” moments of the day.  It is our hope that you will trust us with your wedding video!

– Jon & Kaye

jonathan and kaye shooting a wedding, smiling at each other




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Jon loves personality profiles and is an INTP & enneagram 1w9

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Kaye is also a portrait studio photographer (and an INTJ & 8w9)

bride's head on should of groom at peachtree city wedding

Our faith (and the internet) is what brought us together


jon and kaye family photo on bed


Being parents brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined!

jon holding kaye in arms on the beach in miami


Our First Date included Mario and lots of wine


"Jonathan and Kaye are one of the very best wedding decisions that I made!

I was really struggling to find a wedding videographer that was not cheesy (not really my style) but instead captured the day as it actually happened. I did not want anything staged and wanted the output to reflect the day not highlight the latest wedding trends. Jonathan and Kaye epitomized that vision. Our wedding videos are timeless and elegant (something I will be proud to show my children and grandchildren.) On days that are not so bright, I turn on our wedding video and I cannot help but smile. Having Jonathan and Kaye as a part of your wedding is something I promise you will not regret – they are truly rockstars.”

Kristy & Jerry

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